Dolmen Centre - Kilclooney, Portnoo, County Donegal

Kilclooney Dolmen is a Portal Tomb built more than 4000 years ago. It is a fine example of the oldest kind of monument found in Northwest Europe, so it is much older than Stonehenge. Other impressive examples of Portal Tombs are found in this vicinity.

Kilclooney More Court Tomb. The monument is exceptional in the height of its well-matched megalithic stones. It would have contained burnt and unburnt burials , plain and decorated pottery, flint tools an pottery, all now sadly dispersed. it was built 4000 to 5000 years ago.

Doon Fort is an impressive 4.8m high walled enclosure, forming a rough oval on a small island in Doon Lough. The tradition to which this fort belongs is now reckoned to date from 1000BC.

Drumboghill Stone Fort is a roughly circular Hill Fort originally 30 metres diameter but now in ruin. There are traces of a souterrain, (underground passage) within the the enclosure. The gold Lunula (now in the National Museum) found nearby probably dates from the early Bronze Age, about 1600 BC.


Inishkeel. The early Ecclesiastical Site of Conall Caol. A Celtic Christian settlement was founded on this tidal island in the 6th Century AD. The two ruined churches and the decorated gravestones are later constructions, dating from mediaeval times.